W r i t e r.

From Texas.

Thresholds of Transformation is my journal of writings. These are the portraits of my personas, past and present.

This place is a continuous experiment in creativity and self-discovery, melded together upon this evergreen digital canvas we call a blog. This space is where I explore the Truth in art.

In my observation and origination of attempted artistry, I dare to dream beyond the known and to wrest away pieces of the unknown voids within and without. It is all nonsense, but it is my nonsense.

I am writing to tell stories.

I am writing to transform your conscious experience.

I am writing to prove that I am alive.

I am writing to find out why. ~

~ The Archetypes

Stories ~ I write stories in an attempt to expand the boundaries of what I think is possible – real or imagined – and sincerely reflect on the gaps I find. // Stories are speculative fictions penned from the mindful seeds of brainstorms long past. They are sometimes apocalyptic, always absurd, and often unfinished in some way.

Musings ~ I write musings to pour half-formed pieces of myself out onto pages. // Musings are just that — semi-random ruminations upon muses, flashes of personal meditations manifested into words, pages ripped from my journal of existential maladies. Each musing is a riff on some aspect of my reality I have taken notice of and wish to articulate in some fashion, if only to an audience of one.

Essays ~ I write essays to contemplate the art which captures me and the ideas therein that enrapture me. // Essays are where I can make critical expressions on the stories and ideas within books, films, shows, games, quotes, etc. that I enjoy. Each essay generally has a trio of core ideals I wish to convey about the work of art, in a structure of escalating significance.

Games ~ I write game concepts out to concretely organize them and better realize them within the spaces of my mind. // When we were kids, my brother and I use to make games almost as much as we played them. We would write down stories, characters, missions, spells, and world maps within notebooks – the dream-skeletons of future board, card, and video games we’d want to play. Creating such outlines of games anew is a continuation of those childhood notions and those legendary notebooks.

Playlists ~ I write playlists to share my sonic flows. // Playlists are small collections of music that are meaningful to me in some way, melded chronologically from a time in my life, or aesthetically from the themes of their expression.

Poems ~ I write poems to try to describe the indescribable and to elucidate the ineluctable. // I believe poems light the way of darkness. And I’m never sure why I do them, even after I pen them.

In all, here is where I try to transform my pain into power into love.

My freelance writing website, where you can hire me to write for you: https://www.dylanwrites.live/