~ Some links to interesting and/or useful things I have created and collected outside of this blog. 

Blog: Archive
~ An organized archive of my blog posts here on Thresholds of Transformation.

Story Ruminations
~ A continuous Evernote note page I keep with a bulleted list of “ruminations” {meaning notes / meditations / musings / just interesting stuff} from my consumption of all forms of media, especially stories. I find myself coming back to these as a source of inspiration in my writing and in my life. Enjoy. ~ 

Commonplace Book
~ A collected book of vital knowledge and art. A commonplace book is a good way to encapsulate the beauty and wisdom of the world around you. 

Personal Growth Tools & Tactics
~ A board of saved resources, media, and tips & tricks for better living. 

Reading Notes
~ A compilation of notes from the books I have read or am reading. 

~ A master list of my ongoing consumption of visual media. 

~ Some recommended readings, viewings.

~ A vast collection of art from across the tumblrverse. 

~ Streaming sometimes.

YouTube: Pario De Sors
~ Playing Dungeons & Dragons in a shared homebrew universe.  Latin for ‘a mosaic of destiny.’

YouTube: Personal // Playlist // Favorites
~ Gaming playthroughs and some more D&D.

RPG Resources
~ A board of collected knowledge on role-playing gaming. 

2 Thieves
~ A podcast about life and other absurdities.

~ Misadventures in video gaming. 

~ My travails from the hellsite.