The stranger on the path


~ a poem about duality.

Walking along a silent forest path,
Among the trees,
Alone, the sun illuminates your way
Nothing in mind, until this moment:

You encounter another figure
Passing the other way
You detect the familiarity.
Gazing unnervingly,
Closer now you can see,
This man is you.

The silence remains,
but eyes meet
Observance between the souls
Recognition made
It is the same face, unalterable
No changes employed

It is known
The Truth of this matter
Lies in the sole,
One soul
Two soles
East or West
Right or Left
Wrong or Right
This way or that way

You face the winding pathway,
the split and the cross,
to lead or to follow,
momentary action here and inaction there
animations borne of enlightened vitality,
spells of silent observation and inertia
A climb,
A descent,
A broad sandbox of all experiential moments are wrapped up in the steps taken

Those paths have already been traversed,
These singular movements continue to forge it,
The direction tells the story,
Of the road more or less traveled

Concurrent, both can be seen now:
One stalking a shadow
One treading the twilight
One leading onward unto lightness?
Which one is?
Two images of self
A reverberating chasm of reflective realities set before you

Look upon it,
Here now, the duality beckons.
Contrast is contracted in your own image.

But you are not fooled.
The darkness has relented,
You can now see this form clearly.
Upon exploration of that path,
A mirror is set before you:
Observe the difference, a separation

Seize your footfalls here.
Upon this threshold make your stand.
Step into your one Truth.
The fullness of self beckons.
This moment is yours,
you alone.
And you know it.

For this self is actually a stranger,
This doppelgänger a dual fate,
This other person a parallel path,
What might have been.

Yesterday’s tomorrow;
A life lived elsewhere;
Created apart,
yet borne of the same source.

Appearances aside,
This is not you.
Even if what they are is in you
This is not you, right now.

So keep walking.