see it,
I am feeling it,
I am experiencing it,

it is inherent
life wills it
and this recognition assumes comprehension of it

These visions we inhabit, in the realms of a dream — we can be our ideals and we know it. We can create our own paradise here and now.

We write, dealing our mind earnestly.
Through art we commune with Eternity.
A gaze conveys a thousand years.
A single word sparking a thousand tears.
With conflicting energies, we deign to converse,
And a smile gives over a Universe.

We will love to learn,
learn to love,
love to laugh,
laugh with the children
all the way until the end.

There is so much here to find something in. I can envision the building blocks of a superior self, motivated by the communal movements of progress & togetherness, we can go forth into a new day, unrestrained from the corruption of greed and the spite within prejudice.

There is so much yet to see.

The floodgates of hope seize,
They are beholden to this intuition.
We are looking forward to the sight now.


It is inherent, life wills it, we assume this comprehension,
but alas every other contingency related to it confounds
Bounded by inevitable deficiencies and self-doubt,
the inadequacies of reality set in

Beauty can be real, but how can it be captured among so much chaos?

How can Man take what he wants, without trampling others in the process of the endeavor? In this, there is an equal and opposite reaction: an exchange of my beauty in the place of yours.

In order to create, destruction precedes.

Distinctions, Differences, Divergences.
Culture and peoples, ideologies and philosophies, consciousness and will, light and dark — the world as it stands is inhabited with this overflowing Dualism, these stark Differentiations:

great truths and devastating falsehoods,
outward shows of extravagant romance,
and deeply hidden feelings of depressed angst.

In this benign indifference, there is so much to experience,
lives to change for the better, meanings to forge for ourselves.
and yet here we are inching along.

We cannot know how to achieve this ultimacy.
Yet our ambition cannot be satiated.

We reside in realms of the mind
Housing impossibility and dream-filled dimensions of contemplated redemption

There is, of course, wisdom in the striving.
endless mystery and adventure and discovery all are encompassed by this inner grandeur

— yet I remain inescapably idle

I am immobilized by ethereal fears and denied by a biased and self-designed reality.
What I believe in is not real,
and what I hold true about myself is not believed by those around me.
I attempt to progress while bypassing intuition and denying the reality of my own existence.

The only matter is what matters within me; the mind is infinite in intricacy, cold in its unfeeling inspiration, and biologically bound to betray innermost thoughts with feelings unwanted.

What I am may not end up mattering to those who matter most to me.

What control do I have?
How far does my sphere reach?
There’s only one way to find out.

I have to make conscious decisions everyday to ensure progression while maintaining my own emotional survival.

I will understand the value of the differences, the purposefulness of the ideals we strive for, the power of creation, the infinity inside your smile.

Through creativity & inspiration in my arts,
unbowed feelings of curiosity,
positive regard to the people around me,
the extended branch of friendship to difference,
an embrace of the wisdom of critical self-awareness,
a desire to build something greater than myself,
and an appreciation of the beauty that I witness and take for granted everyday
— I can imbue all this within.

My locus of control is defined by my actions in conjunction with my thoughts; they are my responsibility.
And it is time I contribute to the world’s beauty.~

The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai