Ode to Balance

“There is no sun without shadow, and it is essential to know the night.”
~ Albert Camus

One is always striving.

The grass is green
Over here
And greener still, over there.
Two spheres of the unobtainable.
maybe in the center of this understanding:
Solidarity, resonance, truth.

Not on either side,
But in here.
On every side
Within every perspective
Among the endless cycles,
There is merit
And there is peril


One means nothing without its opposite.

For too far in any singular notion
And you end up falling just the same

We need the spectrum to be alive,
Dancing along its divergent edges and you see what might be

Consider the situations we inhabit
The necessary escape we envision
And the hope for something better
The actionable seeking
And the change you prepare for

— What does it mean to yearn it

What does it mean to gain it —

Now consider the real alternative
Your endgame, the destination,
Reside there for some time.
Is it better?
Or just a different kind of same?

With the right perspective,
The realization is neither unsettling
Nor discouraging

It is freeing.
For true contentment is found on the line,
Directly placed in the midst of contrasting forces of dark & light
In the seams of the spectrum
Along it and eventually running together
That’s where we constantly are: in the grey
Conciliate this truth and draw harmony from this
But only after confronting the extremes of experience offered on the ends.

There is Truth in the endurance of pain,
Resonance in the shadow befallen,
Solidarity in a shared nightmare /
Awaken with the others and grow.

The art of life is resilience.
And this must be embraced.
Make this the science of your religion;

Acquiesce the essence of this balance
And know the troughs make the crests manifest.

It is true:

~The chill of a moonless night a sincere reminder of the comforting warmth from a fire

~The concerted beauty of creation matched only by the dark spectacle of destruction

~Growth treasured due to the banality of stagnation

~Originality praised amongst a crowd of the commonplace

~A relentless pursuit of knowledge spurred on by the bona fide limitations of ignorance

~Conflicts bringing forth those inspiring resolutions which confirm the authenticity of one’s ingenuity

~Comedy is borne from tragedy, consistently

~A resounding truth violently transforming the conditions previously kept still by simple lies

~The achievement of order satisfying upon witnessing the maddening chaos reality can bestow

~Purpose in pain and art within adversity

~Happiness more meaningful amidst an ocean of former sorrows

~Love infinitely amplified by the restless angst of an enduring loneliness

~Daylight’s providence furnishing hopes on a horizon made glorious by the mysterious and melancholy shadows of nightfall…


Live each moment in the balance between
what is everlastingly sought
and that which is firmly grasped

Standing consciously on this middle ground,
Walking through this twilight upon the field of your regard,
You will find yourself right within this balancing act,
appreciating and admiring the necessary existential contrasts of it all,
and ultimately,
you may find a peace of life ~