a slammy poem

I am seeking…
Reciprocal understanding,
Unwavering words from the wise..
A world less demanding,
A long look into the pleasant skies…

We, who are standing
On the shoulders of our lies
Must come now to this local landing
Carrying the weight that never truly dies

I am seeking,
An awakening and a change,
True transformation,
A world we can exchange,
and a steady foundation.

I am seeking
Unabashed reality,
Stoked by the flames of the spiritual pressure all around me.

I am seeking
Something worth finding
A person who wants to be known
An impenetrable light within eyes shining
Conviction in the face of the unknown
Solitude in my existential home
And a world with no throne

I am seeking…

most of all to be witnessed,
to be experienced, discovered,
wished upon,


Endlessly, my thoughts unleashed upon worlds divided as one,
streaming past the uncontested swaths of antimatter
and feasted upon by undelivered travelers from worlds unkept and unloved

There are differences of a self
found every other moment,
All of this, unwillingly encountered inside – I find the world is not enough.
— outside I pit myself against improbabilities and prejudices,
while battling the doubt of my untested soul,

I am now finding avenues to others searching for the same thing,
for the same dream,
I cry out for more,
More feeling
More heart
More truth
More swells of this infinity housed inside my mind,

An ocean of awareness in a conscious keep:
Within these waves there are moments that must be gathered, sorted and understood,
Burdens waiting to be unfolded unto shores of real realizations,
Amidst crashing tides of unconscious lighthouses guiding home my ships that were swallowed by the unforgiving sea before I even knew,
before I even realized… the moments were gone.
Unseen and unrealized.

Inside, I try. To see the reality of what is,
But it’s not full. Not yet.

I am asked questions by the willed world of experience and my answers are always found wanting — The physical and emotional toll to pay for the unrequited elemental enigma of a consciousness, of this sentience amongst shadows of blank spaces where anything at all can be written,
But somehow we keep putting down the same songs, the same old tunes that time can’t forget, wielding well-worn actions and results — we remain divided here, as we were before,
spreading further and further out into the reaches, these new proponents are to be planted and grown in the gardens of an indifferent tomorrow.

But there are breaches in this flawed model, vulnerabilities,
I know they are there, for I have glimpsed them,
peered out into the dauntless bright beyond

momentarily the revealing light imbues those fortunate enough to see with a vision,
the knowledge of a better world and the wisdom of how to build it and share it.

the ancient past now coursing through my frame enacts changes and experiences upon my uninitiated intuitions,

The teachers are here for us, they are arriving to light the way:
They must know ;
please teach us something new,
please find the time to share what you now know

They might know something we all knew from long ago.
Set me now on a vision quest to realize the destiny of my evolution, let me walk alongside my ancestors on this path to enlightenment long ago set upon, get me to see a slice of what could be,
just along the horizon up ahead: the fully actualized being,
the person who has been waiting for the final attainment of this moment,
when we could be ready for our own past and our own Truth, collectively.
When will we realize it’s not a future and it’s not a path.
It’s a memory and it’s our own.

But alas, this realm and this Truth will have to suffice, for now.
this song will be sung again, as we consistently underestimate the effort of the might for the light within —

 — without, there are fires kindled for true purposeful change, how much can be learned from a past unbidden?
We shall find out again and again.

The regressions begin anew, unbundling all the togetherness we have crafted, unbinding all the progressions made, digressions unwind deeply into these wells, the transgressions are full of angst and they’re dwelling in the weakness in our bodies, lying inside the faults on the cracks and seams of our souls,

the inner betrays the outer,
spacing our selves out now maybe we can see,
seeding mindfulness from this eternal spring of our imaginations,
we manifest ourselves among the realities unrealized
And in their revealing glow, we can recover.
Resting in peaceful thoughtfulness for a spell.

Finally, no more seeking.

We can become sought. ~