The Dragon

~ a poem

In life’s sprawl of action
Unconquerable force, The Dragon
Borne of vivid reaction
Appears to thwart progression

Fiery vengeance enforced
A prophecy fulfilled
No mercy, no remorse
Man to be killed

A man questions
Its presence a transgression
Inevitable nature
Different for each
Leveling composure,
Until ready to teach

Monster met in open field
Preparation is key to victory
Plans more than weapons to wield
Staring into maw o’ hell, what might Man see?

A perilous path is set
To meet this entity
Steps in a direction beget
A journey, so transcendentally

Unto transformational battle artistry
In the flames of adversity
Fear turns to revelry

In this transient strife,
Fight for life
Upon this finale, a stage existential,
Awaken, realizing your true potential

Righteously, a Man bears down
On this winged beast
Rise now, battle for soul’s crown
And greet destiny, released
Into a truer form, you are now unleashed

Go, inner fire anew
Slay this dragon
And see what the flames forged,
In you.

~ art by Kekai Kotaki