The Next Best Decision


~ art by Rembrandt

The ‘next best decision‘?

It’s when you correlate all current information, intelligence and instincts to inform your next best move for your life. You consider the moments before you, and make an actionable choice. Big or small moment, doesn’t matter, it’s about the current circumstance and your movement within just that space. Then you focus on executing that decision. Focus is key. For if your attention becomes divided – if you think too many steps ahead, theorizing and strategizing with increasingly incomplete information on a future undelivered – then you immobilize yourself from any decision at all. Looking ahead is valuable, there can be no doubt, but it can also prevent you from taking that all important first step. A small, next best decision is better than a ponderance on a multitude of potential decisions in future moments that you never end up realizing. This method of thinking grounds you to the currency of the present. If executed properly, the future and past won’t weigh you down as much.

Look at the problem, dilemma, decision point before you. Think, but then afterward act. And do it with conviction. See the consequences and examine them in relation to your expectations and an evaluation of self. Learn from failure, compromise with less than optimal results, don’t get caught up in undue regrets. Then move on – again, to the next best decision.

Prospectively, this is the ongoing process which will result in the best outcomes over time. [theoretically.]

As with everything else, easier said than done. ~