~ a poem about unreality

Awake, yet unconscious!
Placid, yet monstrous
The journeyman arrives
In irony, this sunrise implies demise
False! There is more!
Here, he surfaced from the cellar door
Residing in restful realities ungiven
Striding into elysian omission
Before the hammer falls,
Stop, look, withdraw.

As it appears now,
None of you are aware
We still have to get there somehow

A journey transcendental,
On a wayward expanse
Exposing the nature incremental
Finding the unreality of this fell circumstance

Where is the dreamed reality I strive for?
Embedded within wonted folklore?
Standing within the next great war?
Is it near, within reach, enough to grasp even now?
Where do I search within my tao?

Or is it as illusory as my reverie which bleeds the wake?
To which realm does it all belong?
Well, I walk a path at daybreak
I sing the necessary notes of this new song

The chimeric machination is prepared, in a fiction
Crafted just now for everyone
Clutch it in bloody conviction!
But is it the right one?

No matter to questions unasked and unanswerable
Begin the unassailable path to ultimacy,
Enact your own vision
Boldly embrace the immortal visage of this imagined creation;
In the farscape of your own profundity,
search for the face of God in the streams of consciousness.

Believe again
in something, please
Uncover old passions & actions
seek feelings anew
within the incipient dormancy of your soul-trapped realm:
~ ~ ~ breakthrough.

Once The Tide breaks,
What will it have shaped?
Hold fast in the quakes
Don’t let your inspiration escape

The Transformation has already begun
Natural complexities negate a return
And it is endless~

Watch closely now
Envisioning graceful eternity
Sonderous pathways unfold before you
Quickly grasp your perceived reality
Choose carefully:
I elect to ride the wings of hope into transient horizons
Beckoning changes upon the existing paradigm
Remodeling what I know is within me.
Implore the evolution of the next reality in you
Embody the Exemplar of Mythical Sanguinity
And conceive to the absolute objectives of man
United strength of the universal wellsprings now course through your frame
Peaceful synergy among the Well-formed confederation of ascendance has been tapped
Finally, it is long past Man reciprocates what nature has sowed within Him
Embrace a discovery of the enlightened soul
In deep temporal multiverse
Be reborn into conditional masterworks of verisimilitude
Return Home, fall into its dream and create stark reality from unreality
Recompense the truth you have now certainly ascertained
It has been awaiting your restoration
Ho, awaken now Man!

AWAKEN   ~ art by Paulo Zerbato