~ a poem

Now awake, searching for being
This world, one reality, the beginning
For long, adeptly dreaming
Reveries linger in meaning

Experience evolves into outer realms
But inner physis looms mysterious
Conscious secrets threaten to overwhelm
Wishing for meaning; precarious

The key of the matter known,
The lock must already be broken
A struggle will be ours alone
A sojourn unspoken

We captain our ship with conviction inside
Internal is nourished by the idea of this lighted construct
Constructed, of course, inside the perfect conditions of long-dreamt optics
Opting for illusions that come to define this reality we continually find,
Found below deck, secretive minds oversee all of our new dawns to come

Landing across the promised shores,
We gaze out into the tableau
Traversing our conscripted mores
From these visions, Truth will flow

Here, staking a flag
We can begin to build
Efficiently, no snag
Prospecting growth unwilled

Seed ambition into the soil
Watch the performance with true grit
Embrace the expected turmoil
Stand on the chaotic horizon and recommit

The brain overestimates, but reliably and benevolently, for reasons known and not known
Unconsciously / ideally / obscurely, this building is formed as a monument
A monument to enlighten and strive towards,
a force of limitless pressure,
a masterstroke of a genius-prepared locus
The result is an infinitely deep and refilling well
This well contains a soul’s truth, what it needs for an ascension

It is a place kept forever in the mind,
where a Man goes to feel Hope as Law,
where all is not perfect or controlled,
but designed for outcomes which can be embraced
a world where He can anticipate Peace’s inevitable fallen drapery upon His form

An aura of calm,
streaming through the fathoms of experience,
residing deep within forever-remembered dreams,
this reverie strived towards and prepared,
Truth reborn in the meditation of Man’s dreaming fires –
it is realized: we have Hope and we can use it

An awareness of the righteous
And a favor for the limitless horizon that has been promised
For this destination is not finite
Nor is it a place
It is an imagined being
A memory, tinged with nostalgic reverie
And longed for, for more, for evermore,
To this destined savior, Hope,
We can be made to go forth with fate’s unwinding sentiment
Building for forever, in a divine stasis of conditions

Our ship discovers all the shores, eventually.

We must all go
It is requisite
For Hope burns with strident admonition
And fellow Godhood awaits
For those who grasp at it. ~

hope art~ art by Rodney Stroup