Top 10

When thinking of creating a list here, I considered doing inspirations, or things learned. Or top 10 fictional characters. Maybe books. Instead, I am to create a list for my top 10 things I carry. I’ll define what that means as I go. or maybe not. Why 10? Not sure, it sounds right.

Top 10 things I carry:

  1. I think, therefore I am.” This doesn’t get me beyond solipsism, but it gets me out of bed.
  2. Reasoned contemplations // Indomitable introspection /// Guile.
  3. The constant ruminations of restless reactions reflexing to a recognition of impermanence; i.e. endless why?
  4. A changeless core of the person I am; A disquieting resolution of the man I must be; A sincere strive to the soul I wish to become;
  5. Bloods of ancient potential akin for aptitudes beyond my understanding. To merely come to exist now is a feat of cosmic revelation. Consider this, emblazon it upon your standard and march into the fray undaunted.
  6. A continuous steady gaze upon the moral landscape. Always consider what might be true, why it’s right, how it can be made better. Never lower such reflection in thought or action.
  7. Mindful stance of stoic observation; think before you act, but also be patient in the emotions of response — ‘return to the breath.’
  8. a sliver of silence.
  9. Empathy for the sufferer; Compassion for you and the others; Hope for a future yet undelivered of a promise of luminous awareness among us all; Serenity for the lost and unseen; Enlightenment for the uninspired nomad; Love for the one unmet.
  10. A mind for creation; an ardent pursuit of ideals worth dying for; a vivid breath for the necessary changes and discoveries to come. What’s next?

Finding Everyday Inspiration, Day 2