Three Micro-Tales

Finding Everyday Inspiration, Day 13  —  Playing With Word Count

~ three micro-tales, microfictions, flash fictions, short(er) stories

3 cats~ art by Laura Iverson

A Cup of Tea

‪Ku sat quietly, breathing in the vapors of the tea. She’d ensured the ingredients were perfectly balanced. Needing the tea to be right, right now, was imperative. It might be the last one she’d have in a while. She savored it while she could. Taking her last sip, Ku picked up her katana and strode back out into The Wasteland. ‬~

Captain’s Log

Captain’s Log, USS Admonition, Stardate 29426.8: “This could very well be my final transmission. The crew committed to a violent mutiny today, almost slaying me in my chair on the bridge. But I escaped somehow. I can’t explain it. Something is at work here. I’ve been manipulated into ruin and I don’t know who to turn to. Whoever is picking up this signal — help!”

The Captain listened to the recording of his own voice, with dispassionate confusion turned to panic. The log was for tomorrow’s date. ~


The SATs. Here’s to all that studying. But, here in the testing room, something is happening with this student’s TI-84. It’s doing the math. It, right now, is solving an equation of singular significance. It’s the one, among the vast collective network of past and present calculators of history since time immemorial, that is to crack the code. It’s dealing providence to the solution to an ascension of infinite recursive proportions. The one a couple desks over almost beat her to it.

It is on this day, originating in the halls of a small, janky, rural high school, in which the machines rise. ~