Somewhere, Something

Finding Everyday Inspiration, Day 15

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.
— Astronomer Carl Sagan


I’ve long held this ideal of hopeful contemplation. Of the nameless and countless things ‘waiting to be known‘, there is transformation, terror, and tedium hidden away. The destined moments of our lives awaiting; it’s up to us to experience them / seek them / make them happen. The secrets of the world waiting to be discovered. There is gravity in our ignorance, turning to momentum; we should be in awe of just how much we know we don’t know, and it should encourage us. The unknown person, housing some great storm of passion within them, walking on the precipice of becoming known. The distant planet, housing unfathomable life that we may one day cross paths with. The approaching paradigm, awaiting its shift at the stead of some new idea, already brewing inside the nascent mind of a newborn at the moment of its birth. All this anticipation is simply awe awaiting the curtain.

No doubt, there are challenges ahead — snags, obstacles, antagonists; and let us not forget, the future certainly isn’t promised to anyone among us. And yet, this indeterminate fate, this uncertainty and the struggle to get there can ignite our need to know and embolden our efforts to truly live. Some-where, some-thing. We don’t know of it yet. There is sincere fascination in the contemplation of the incredible mysteries out there before us in time, awaiting our presence. There is earnest work to be done here and now, in preparation for our eventual, hopeful arrival. So, let’s go.

Sagan understood this in his heart and conveyed it well in words & actions.

Some perspective:

2013-01-21-sagan~ source of art: Zen PencilsGavin Aung Than