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Game Concept

Third-person action game, take control of an alpha predator in the exploration of a mythic island where Man and beast wage war for control of the wilderness.

Sandbox open world environments that serve as hunting & battlegrounds for the various packs of alpha predators. Near future / hi-tech civilization, terra planet, humanoid population encroaching on the jungles in the search for knowledge & harvest of natural resources. The island is inhabited by ancient species making up a vividly realized and extremely volatile ecosystem. Each of the predators and other animals in the forest have their chosen regions and domains. The humans reside within scattered settlements and outposts, conducting research, hunting animals, and seeking to explore / exploit the island’s resources for their assorted nations back on the mainland.

Landscape by Raphael-Lacoste
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art source

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Playable character:
Take control of one of a variety of fantastical / alien high-powered alpha predators, suited to a variety of environments – forest / jungle / plains / mountain / tundra / swamp / aquatic

Game progression involves growing the creature into adulthood over time while scavenging for food, fighting for dominance of the jungle with the other animals, and hunting humans that enter your domain.

Learn the ways of the wilderness – survive, adapt, evolve / Rule the jungle / Form clans and wage war against the other predators for dominion / invade the human regions

Design / Systems / Mechanics

Five alpha predators to choose from:
The playable species
Differentiators on the hunt
Speed / Power / Intelligence
  • runner
  • tracker
  • pack hunter
5 / 3 / 3
  • stealth,
  • climber,
  • night stalker
4 / 4 / 4
  • endurance,
  • mass killers,
  • dual hunt
3 / 5 / 3
  • hyperintel,
  • water dwelling,
  • trap-set
3 / 3 / 5
Image result for gorilla icon
  • tools,
  • language,
  • civ
2 / 4 / 5
tiger 1
Cat concept
bear 1
Bear concept
Reptile concept
Ape concept

Each alpha predator has special abilities and methods of coordination with packs or the environment. The wilderness environments and human structures are procedurally generated, complete with a day / night cycle. Over time, as your predator grows into full adulthood and eventually advanced stages of evolution, the human presence will expand more and more into the natural habitats, increasing their contact with the alphas.


The human and other animal / predator NPCs within the environment will operate in their environments doing what they are instinctually primed to do. Once each has encountered your predator(s), their behavior adjusts to compensate for the threat. Humans will begin patrolling known predator hunting grounds and setting traps to try and capture / kill predators. Other predators will begin to fight you for territory.
  • Human scientists — gather experimental evidence in the lab and outside of it, little combat ability
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    art source

  • Human security — job is to protect the scientists, reactive to alpha predator attacks, wield basic weaponry and tactics
  • Human hunters — special operations soldiers whose job is to hunt the predators proactively, special weapons and tactics, cybernetic predator companions

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  • Other NPC animals — variety of herbivores, carnivores and omnivores which live within their environments and fight / flight based on intelligence & awareness. Some animals are easier to hunt than others, some provide more or less nutrition for your predator, some will attack you if threatened or given an advantage, some will help you, inadvertently or otherwise, in your battle against the humans.
  • Other NPC alphas — your relative equals in battle for dominion over the regions of the island. Will come up against ambushes, cross-purpose hunting, and challenges on a semi-frequent basis. The alpha predators’ high degree of intelligence makes them the most dangerous foes in the wilderness. Choosing to hunt or engage with other alphas is the highest risk / reward proposition in the game for gaining experience & resources. Additionally, given certain conditions and objectives met, alliances can be formed among alphas to hunt together.

Weather & Landscape:
The weather operates on the island much in the same way that the ecosystem does, with occasionally extreme danger to all who inhabit the island. It is constituted by capricious volatility. Choosing to hunt in adverse weather presents certain challenges and opportunities. It might be easier to pick off distracted humans in the hard rain, but risk injury if climbing or running. Snow & cold will slow your predator down, but can be used to conceal yourself or traps / weapons / ambushes. Extreme heat burns the alpha’s energy faster, as well as your prey’s. Wind will affect the use of traps and weapons. Easier to hunt in stealth at night but also difficult to see if alpha does not possess the sensory capabilities to excel as a night hunter.


Dictate each predator’s prowess in battle and in the hunt:

  • Speed: How fast the predator can move, most NPC animals have a speed of 3-4, humans have speed of 2-3.
  • Power: How physically strong the predator is. Power influences how much they can destroy the environment, human weaponry and vehicles, and how much damage the predator does in its attacks on other creatures.
  • Intelligence: Measures the situational awareness and cognitive abilities of the predator. A more intelligent predator is given a wider HUD to locate enemies, and is capable of seeing environmental anomalies, such as potential dead ends, traps and new enemies entering the area. An intelligent predator can anticipate the patterns necessary for a successful hunt, set its own traps and move through the jungle with a better plan of attack.
Energy & Health:
All alpha predator movement is governed by Energy. Predators can move slowly, in a sneak, for the purposes of stealth. It burns the least energy. Each predator is more or less effective at it, but they can all attempt to sneak up on their potential prey. Normal movement is faster than a sneak, but not as fast as the sprint; it burns a commensurate amount of energy between the two. Sprint burns energy the faster but allows your predator to move the fastest. An attack launched from sprint, depending on the alpha, is the most devastating and can produce the most damage to animals, humanoids, and structures / vehicles.
  • Attacks burn energy. Each predator has attacks unique to their naturally / artificially endowed weaponry in addition to their inherent abilities.
  • Energy is rejuvenated over time passively, when movement slows, when enemies are killed / eaten / when objectives are met, like catching an enemy scent, being challenged to an alpha duel, working with your packmates and/or conducting successful hunts.
  • Health begins to be depleted when energy is gone. When health reaches zero, the predator perishes and its game over. Can re-load the last save. Thusly, when energy is gone, a predator can still sprint or use high endurance abilities, but health will be depleted over time. Similar to energy, health is restored over time passively and when a predator eats.
  • Predators can also choose to eat plants, such as fruits & vegetables, to regain energy / health. However, none of the predators can subsist on plants alone.
  • Each predator has a hunger meter which indicates how long it has been since feeding. If a predator goes without a successful kill and feed for too long, energy is depleted faster and rejuvenates slower. This makes it more difficult to hunt. Once a predator has fed, the hunger meter and drawbacks return to normal.


Each predator has special abilities that allow them to overcome the challenges of survival in the jungle and effectively hunt the humans.
  • Hunting in packs allows them to equalize numbers with many of the humans. You can coordinate with your pack, giving orders to the others to attack at certain times. (Can pause screen and giving general to specific orders to your packmates)
  • The wolf’s speed means it can easily catch a human running at full speed. (Speed meter can be activated to give the wolf a boost in running speed for temporary period of time.)
  • Using scent, can track human movement through the jungle better than any of the other predators (Tracking meter allows for wolf to “see” an animal or human’s trail.)
wolf advanced2
Evolved Wolf concept
  • Fast, powerful and intelligent. All purpose predator (Fast moving, strong and intelligent. The Cat can hunt a variety of ways and still be effective.)
  • Stealth based solo hunter, patient in its game, stalks in the night (At night, all abilities are enhanced. Vision is increased, HUD widened, stealth kills are more successful. Is unable to be seen easily even by night vision.)
  • Can climb anything and strategically position itself (Can climb onto trees, structures, and even boats.)
big cat 1
Evolved Cat concept
  • Most powerful predator, is capable of knocking down trees, destroying vehicles faster, and even throwing animals or humans as high-speed projectiles. (Frenzy meter generates power for successful attacks and damage taken. When in frenzy, the Bear’s destructive abilities are enhanced.)
  • Slowest speed but most resilient predator; highest endurance and health. Can sustain the most damage. (Slows down with more damage taken on, but will never actually die – just fall asleep.)
  • Hunts alongside its mate. Can team up to form a powerful duo on the field of battle. (Can switch control between the mates, with the other being AI controlled with an offensive/defensive/stealth setting to direct the dual attack.)
advanced bear
Evolved Bear concept
  • The most intelligent predator by far, the reptile hunts alone and uses its mind to control the battlefield and outsmart the prey. (Hyperintelligence allows for increased situational awareness, HUD is expanded and is given a greater understanding of animal/human/technological weak points. At low levels, capable of hypnotizing enemies; at high levels, capable of psychic intrusions and control.)
  • Capable of climbing trees slowly and dwelling within aquatic environments. (Can swim at highest speed of all predators, can climb trees slower than Cat.)
  • Using its understanding of the environment, can identify and create traps for prey. (Can build and set off traps within the environment, using itself or psychic henchmen.)
Advanced raptor snake
Evolved Reptile concept
  • Can use tools with opposable thumbs. Either through scavenging from humans or gathering branches and rocks, can use them as weapons or to construct shelter, traps, or armor.
  • Due to their high intelligence and using a rudimentary form of language, the apes can speak to one another and coordinate learning and attacks better than any other predator.
  • The apes, being closely connected to humanity in a genetic sense, possess the inherent potential for their own united and non-barbaric civilization. They hold the power to overtake humanity as the dominant species on the island, and the entire planet.
evolved ape
Evolved Ape concept

Experience, Instincts, and Evolution:

Experience governs the progression of the alphas throughout the game. Each predator can gain up to 20 levels, each coming up with energy + health + damage increases, ability increases and size increase. The predator gains experience by eating, learning to hunt, exploration of the environment & discovering new locales, defeating other predators / creatures, allying with predators / creatures, working with & protecting the pack, toolmaking & building shelter, retaking wilderness from human presence.

Instincts are intangible milestones achieved throughout the game’s progression. The more your predator learns of the island, your ancestors, and the history of both, you are granted instincts which allow for even greater powers in exploration & hunting & combat.
Example instincts for each predator type:

  • Wolf learns of human-domesticated dogs, can call out to them in human settlements and lead them into the jungle where they can be allied among the pack.
  • Cat learns of Egyptian civilization and humanity’s inherent admiration of the species. Cats, by choosing not to kill certain scientists can gain favor among them; they will stop security from firing on cats if spotted and may bring food into the wilderness as offerings to the cat, some scientists might go mad with their worship and wander into the forest to be eaten or used for leading more humans into traps
  • Bears can choose to hibernate during especially harsh climates, over days or months. They gain additional energy and health for their next hunt.
  • Reptiles, being cold-blooded, can learn the art of camouflage and can appear as though they are dead / no heartbeat.
  • Apes can glimpse a future in which they rule the entire world… (expansion game?)
Evolution. Over time as your experience grows and you level up your predator in the game, you come to lead your pack or group, and are granted additional boosts to your size, abilities, and overall predatory effectiveness. The appearance of the predator will change in this way over time and will be granted additional abilities to use. For each predator there are a total of 3 evolutions.


Primary game mode is single player campaign, in which the chosen predator is born into a random jungle spot, with varying surrounding resources and points of interest, within a procedurally generated world. The jungle is populated with the other clans of predators and other random creatures to serve as prey and as adversaries to your alpha predator. The game’s progression is as follows:

Stage 1 — Opening of the game as an infant predator. You hunt smaller prey and grow. Learn the ways of survival and hunting from parents and siblings of the clan. (Except for the Reptile, which is left alone after hatching and must learn to survive alone.) This period serves as the tutorial, where the player is given the chance to learn the basic mechanics of hunting and the specific traits of the chosen predator. The player predators gain experience and level up. The player can choose specific abilities, traits and attributes to focus on and improve.

Stage 2 — As you learn the game and your predator grows in size, the different types of missions are introduced and become playable:

  1. Scavenge – find plant food, supplies for nest, human food
  2. Reconnaissance – scout out surrounding areas, noting points of interest to explore and human activity presenting danger & opportunity.
  3. Small time hunt – hunting smaller prey within the jungle, learn stealth / hunt / tracking / scent / environmental mechanics
  4. Big time hunt – hunting larger prey within the jungle, including humans. More challenging and combative.
  5. Alpha Duel – duel between alpha predators 1v1. New mechanics surround duels.
  6. Alpha War – fight between clans of alpha predators. Large battle.
  7. Invasion – a planned / coordinated attack on human settlements, solo or among the predator clan(s)
Stage 3 — The predator, now fully grown, can activate its advanced levels of evolution, growing in power for the final portion of the game, at enhanced difficulty levels. The final missions involve the most challenging opposition from other predators and humans. At advanced stages, each of the predators changes drastically in appearance and gain new & powerful abilities. These powers give the predators the ability to compete with the technologically superior humans and new enemies such as special operatives, snipers, robotic predators, and mechs.
The advanced form abilities include:
  • Wolf — instantaneous transmission, wild companions, tap the spirit realm
  • Cat — invisibility, fear the reaper, voidwalk
  • Bear — indestructibility, dual frenzy, mega throw
  • Reptile — psychosis, Hydra, control tech
  • Ape — human systems interaction, civ building, consciousness

Other modes:

In the cooperative multiplayer mode, players can enter your own custom procedural game world from single player mode and join the player on any missions, working cooperatively to complete them at an adjusted difficulty.

In the competitive multiplayer mode, players can all join sandbox maps and fight one another in a battle royale-esque locale with their predators in Alpha Duels or Alpha Wars, alongside the other jungle creatures and human populations as third party threats.

In Human / Survival Horror mode, can choose to play as a human scientist, security, or hunter and brave the wilderness against the alpha predators in a research outpost. Same general rules as campaign mode: dropped into an outpost, procedurally generated surrounding environment. Can go on excursions, hunts into the wilderness, gain levels and knowledge about the predators. You will certainly die. No saves, one life to live.

. . .

Secret unlockable playable character:

~ art source: AdmiraWijaya