Facing the Daemon

~ a poem

it roosts within the steady soul
Carnivorous teeth chew, consuming foundations
Vital fears unbound your guise
It thrives inside what has been so carefully built
Let the light bleed in, shine on a name

Mark it a falsehood,
Starkly blasted from its solitary hearth
The beast is thrown down upon the stage
Withering from vaunted exposure, it is prey
The other, the outsider, rises up
Compelling id to a reluctant combat

By the design of a conspiring genius,
Cultured on the diabolia of anxiety & inertia,
Personal efficacy is obliged to a mortal edge
Enemy hilt is gripped by familiar, colder hands
Face up to the blade at your own throat.

Staring now into the fell-mirror of your own ex-dread
What is witnessed is versed into new impermanence
The outsider becomes the insider / the seeker & the sought shift
What one believes to be a separation, a diverging pathway,
~ truly emerges as a reflection of the only resident

the doubled-edged denizen of selfless sanctimony
slices you in two,
reverberating the caliber of your mysteries,
into a conceited convergence

some peerless person(s) of unrequited unity
join hands in prayers to Narcissus
hoping for reparations to unmarred stations

an elevated ego reaches through the reflective rancor,
snatching speciation in the name of the numinous

In this reverie, grab hold of the blade
Grasp sentience defiantly
Only you can
Stand your Self to a ready bout
Bear down on the blade at your throat.


Your stranger heeds this beck and call
And a more visceral game commences
Into the infernal wilds of the duplicitous heart we go
Embark on the existential hunt for essential unknowns

Steps to transformation are laden with apocryphal expediency
There is a risk here to behold
The lone path to victory lies amidst a reign of defeats
The natural response is fear,
The instincts repeal reason before the trial commences

Resist perpetuity
The only thing more painful than change is its absence
Act now, move quickly,
Before it has a chance to alight itself within your new animation

The indomitable soul knows what comprises this new form.
It is a series of actions: Begin your hunt.
You are the predator of your own Daemon
Go for the kill.