~ a poem inspired by “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe


~ art by Nico Delort

Once upon a fasting flight
Dearly dreaming, sincerely seeing
In the cold, open night
I find myself fleeing

From what and where
The details are lacking
From death, I swear
Unto wit, I am laughing

I spy a well-made house
To land and be at rest
Here, from madness, I can rouse
Here, in security, I will nest

There, I find my reflection
There, I sight a figure
For these beasts, I hold no affection
I begin to tap, but reconsider

Upon this mantle, I design my ruse
Rapping, drawing the beast’s attention
Directing it to a window, bemused
Towards the threshold, an ascension

The portal opens, I fly within
For the moment, seen but unknown
The beast barks, spinning with chagrin
Enervated, I seek my due throne

Marking my presence at the bust
The beast spoke once more, its mind reconciling
Energized by fear, on the winds of my gust
I return with a name, my shadow beguiling

Nevermore, this poor beast shouted about that which could not be
Evermore, I repeated a name I could not place
Nevermore, this ghastly persona failed to see
Evermore, I stood at the ramparts of sanity’s space

In stark loneliness, we face off
This rapturous conflict a continuation of our days
On this night, destiny remained not far off
Between us, two figures falling, lies a maze

At heart, there is a notion:
Eternal, idealistic devotion,
Only meaningful while in motion

In your stillness, keep asking fellow,
Within questions remembering,
Upon the shadows severing,
Along your dreams rendering,
Unto these nights venturing,
And in the intervene,
Inside your mind’s daemon,
I shall evermore keep on entering. ~

the raven art 1

~ The Raven by Gustave Doré