~ a poem about existence and its fight and its end.

Each moment we are fighting,
A battle for the locus,
A willing trial for a mindful spriting,
An entropic competition unto our focus,
A duel of fates, 
with our heart in balance
Casting our tale through the gates 
We yearn our heart’s beat with valiance

The beginning marks the fall of the four,
Always playing in the moment when:
Willpower falters and Fear encores,
Rage corrupts and Avarice amens,
Compassion frosts 
Love destroys 
Hope is lost
Darkness deploys

In this bout, 
~ Life awaits Death ~ 
With Fate, lies all the clout

In the All, sans Self, Life becomes Death.
Unto your Self, and past the All, 
Death joins Life in an endless and enervating dance
One cannot choose; One must choose.

We keep delaying the dictate. 
God ahead,
We’re behind.

Regarding our fate, 
All that we know will be returned 
And that which exists today, falls tomorrow.

There is no finale
No resolution 
For this Battle 
No matter to the transient victors, 
And the new challengers up for trying, 
We all lose.


In the aeons hence, 
What will be the lasting scene of our war? 
More than smoke and dust and darkness, 
What parts, if any, of our story may endure?

As you march upon the ramparts of your chosen regiment, 
And charge into the fray dealing death undaunted 
Dream of this species’ nightmarish denouement, 
And let that vision direct your blade in the coming battles

Perhaps then, back into its sheath. ~