~ a poem about the block in our hearts, minds and souls 

Numb null voids hesitating breath and motion alike
Numbing agony and ecstasy to the tune of none and no one and nothings of doubtless doubts
Nullifying sustainments before beginnings of even boring bouts
Voided out responsibilities voiding any semblance of normalcy to a forgotten humanity of sharing and stepping about

Each non-step to this path of perdition
Builds out a tenebrous tradition
The darkness crafts a personal sedition
Of infinite forms and one mission:


It’s a damned dam to creation
Unearned breaks for thee
Foe to any kind of personal fruition
Endless string of excuses not to be

The block is unique and inescapable
My own is a feisty, ferocious chimera
But its position is never truly unassailable
Afforded for a time, like a wall, only an era

Like the tantalizing thing beyond this pit
The block must be attacked
With word and sledge and start sunlit
Under siege, corners are cracked

End it by starting
Begin by departing
From this numb null void
Please please please…

[[I just hope it is never too late to slice through.]