Game Concept

Thesis: Welcome to … BioPark. An action adventure on a remote island with an abandoned (?) theme park filled with monstrous lizards from the past brought to life with technology that could save or destroy the world. You must explore, forage and hunt your way through a treacherous wilderness filled to the brim with DINOSAURS!

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Setting: Isla Nomar | Tropical paradise-gone-wrong | Ruined theme park | A wilderness of solitude and danger and ultraviolence. {BioPark} was developed in secret, similar to other such failed ventures in the past your character happens to know of – such as “Jurassic Park” and “Westworld” – in the hopes that it could be built, tested, and prepared to the point of cyclical investment and opening. The player will traverse locales as diverse as jungle paths, ruined welcome centers, stone bunkers, observation towers, chromium laboratories, inter-connecting treehouse complexes, etc. {All now populated with hunger-crazed dinos}.

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art by Chris Pugh

Character & Story: You play as a bounty hunter sailing the wilds of the Pacific in search of your chosen prey: pirates. However, through a twist of fate in the form of a hundred-year storm, you wind up shipwrecked on Isla Nomar. Through cursory explorations and a series of attacks from strange, potentially lethal creatures, you quickly discover this is no peaceful wilderness retreat you have stumbled upon. Through makeshift weaponry and the senses of an experienced expeditionary, you walk the isle in search of escape, and answers. What are these strange structures the jungle has overgrown? What are all these unfinished rides for? What were all these weapons being stored for? What are these laboratories and what escaped from them? Whose bones are these? And why do packs of velociraptors keep trailing me and attacking me when I least expect it?

Gameplay ~

  • Bioshock x Jurassic Park – Open world, 3rd person action game ~ a mix of narrative, exploration and combat. Simply put, this concept is meant to capture and combine the setting & aesthetic of Jurassic Park with the gameplay loops of the Bioshock series.
  • Guns + abilities – Similar to Bioshock, the game plays as a shooter with the use of additional skills and abilities. Necessary, given that the player character will be facing monsters beyond imagination.
  • Open paths of exploration – The player can progress through the island’s surface over a variety of different paths – each with different terrain, available weaponry and dino threats. Example: Jungle / Machine gun / Raptors vs. Complex interior / Shotgun / Ankylosaurus vs. Open plain / Combat knife / tyrannosaurus rex …
  • Dino versatility – Each dinosaur type is weak to different kinds of weapons and poses different threats to the player ~ Example: Carnivore hunters like velociraptors and deinonychus (automatic rifles) or bruisers like T-rex and spinosaurus (shotguns or explosives) vs. Herbivore stampeders triceratops and pachycephalosaurus (traps and explosives) or steppers like brontosaurus and diplodocus (bazookas and rockets)
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  • A world returned to nature – Through the game’s progression, the dinosaurs which have made the island their home will become more populous and dangerous to the player. As a result, scavenging for the right weapons throughout the world becomes paramount. Additionally, once the inner bio-labs have been discovered, more powerful abilities can be concocted. The character can use the same DNA splicing tech that made the dinos to enhance themselves physically and psychically. Potential power boosts include: enhanced speed and strength, telekinesis and dino-control. The necessary resource to replenish and increase these powers is dino DNA, in the form of blood.
  • Blood for blood – In order to eventually find means of escape, the hunter must explore the island’s full mass and continuously murder dinos. This is the core of the game: Dino murder.
  • Discovery and choice – For every secret that the hunter finds on the island, he gathers intel to inform his ending choice. In this microcosm of the world fallen back to the monstrous instincts of relentless predation from lizard tyrants and the adaption against it, the hunter can choose to try to destroy the research on the island – or bring it back with him on the boat or plane he will eventually find. The prospects for the continued use of this DNA research hold potential scientific advancements that are earth-shaking. However, given the current rate of natural deterioration already in place within the human world, there are tremendous risks as well. The island itself is an inescapable reminder of the power of nature in the hands of humans not ready for it. Will we ever be? It will be up to you to decide this.

All human actions come down to choices and their consequences.

Inspired by ~


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Jurassic Park

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Turok / Dino Crisis

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Endgame: {BioPark} engenders the experience of a lone wanderer in a land of adventurous peril. A man out of time and willing to do whatever it takes to escape an impossible place, the player will fight their way through the bones of the fallen world returned to the violence of nature, uncovering mysteries and surviving tooth-and-nail against the most powerful creatures the world has ever seen. By the end of your journey, you will never be the same again, alive or dead, for better or worse. ~

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