The Secret of the Moon

~ What is the secret of the moon?

It holds manifold
This foreign specter occupying our sky
Darkened continuously to behold
By the same faceless turn to nigh

In its wilderness, in its folds
Where the light dances and goes
Strange sourcing on our waters does it mold
Drawing out estranged, enlightened, elongated foes

A distant land of dreams
The harbor for spellcraft
Reflecting radiant beams
Back into our visions so daft

Visions impossible of a world in control, with an orbiting consort at our beck and call.

When our hearts cross over into its orbit and we see the fullness or feel the newness, the collective mind gazes out with us.

Up there, upon indirect forces beyond our means and modes, one finally begins to comprehend the worth of it all.

The secret lies upon its surface, in the lunar wilderness we’ve known:

The moon has seen us and sees us still.

The moon knows all our secrets
And she keeps them. ~