~ a poem about a light of consciousness in the sea of unconsciousness

One is art, one is power, one is hope
One, so simple, we find it so grand, we carry it so meaningfully
One’s enough, two-plus and the vastness goes
One dancing free
One running away
One building its own bridge
One stopping and smelling the rose
One hero versus one tyrant
One mission for the sake of millions
One single word starting a revolution
One full of an existentially dreadful angst
One restless and inscrutable
One asleep wielding a thousand dreams
One enlightened and ineffable
One casting fear into the void
One smiling for no good reason
One crying for no bad reason
One, ever lonely in its presence, for better or worse
One light being picked out in the darkness
One silent and everlasting song
One floating in the mystery, burning amongst the cold waves
One screaming into the void
One offset by all that it is not
One star left within the cosmic landscape
One empowered by a consensus of opposition
One, singular and strong, the sword out of the stone
One undefeated, at worst a martyr, at best a God
One providing an answer to the question of the All
One living in resistance to the quo
One ordering chaos
One dying so that others may live
One making the pieces fit
One transcending zero
One choosing its own fate

And lo, in conversation, unto communication, with exchange, expressing emotion, living love, ad infinitum — two becomes one. ~