Am I?

~ a poem about being and its opposite

Or just a shadow

I think
Therefore, I am
I dream
Therefore, I wake
I breathe and I change
Therefore, I am alive

But maybe not.

Something is going on
But to whom is it happening to?

Walls surround and pressure weighs on
Fears envelop and adversaries approach
Lines in the sand break with my footfalls
Over and over, the summits and spectres are beckoned in a branching draw like breath upon this worldly aura about me

But if no one marks me,
No one intervenes,
None wish for it to be so,
From afar, for me,
Unto those dreams and summits inside and out,
Am I?

If no one sees me,
If no one is cooled under my shade,
If no one is there to bear witness to my fall,
Am I?