~ a poem

I am an imprisoner
Of my life, both overseer and subject
Uninitiated, a simple scrivener
Trapped as a shipwreck longing fore affect

Unto freedom, what bindings pursue?
Ragged responsibilities and avid assumption
Duties and events will accrue
A ‘man of action’ becomes presumption

My sins and my falls are my universe
A stealing seal unto my station
This confining cage is meant to coerce
Inside it, I fight to delay starvation

I have built myself this damn root
Where nothing is seen, nothing is said
Here, everything I do is moot
I am not alive, I am not dead

In my dual role, I do perform
In this stasis, I do observe
What will it take for the holds to transform?
What kind of freedom do I deserve?

~ art by Felix Lucero (2010) ©