Learning to Live

~ a poem about flowing

Where does one learn the art of life?

Observation, experience, regret 
A passive word and a deliberate action 
Again and again, morning after morning 
Night after night, over and over 
Built upon a lifetime, and still
No-thing is learned 
Everything is past 
Some things are picked up
For a spell, for a lark 
Every one a persona
One mask for every matter 
Passed along, worked to its nub 
Working for the task
or working for the people
You work for your self 
Sowing for betterment, reaping for change 
Changing yourself, bettering others
Evolving both in a competition unto forces inside and out 
“Faster alone, further together” 
— furthest as a collective race with a juicy reward at the finishing line 

What’s the value in a race?

The push and the fire 
The willingness to drive unto death itself for victory 
The necessary evolutions in the contest, to advance the generations to come

Make no mistake: Life is a battle
We yearn to grow, to change, to flourish within this arena 
And naturally, we wish to win
We are not alone; all strive unto the same 
No matter to tools or talent, 
We have to fight to survive, 
Lest we too become past.

More than the mountains,
Over the skies,
Burning through the forests,
We choose to learn within the arena – eye to eye with a foe.

But what of the river
It runs through it All
It makes life
It gives life, too 
It sows and seeds and sacrifices 
Yet its core run is everflowing, its essence unchanging 
Never losing ground 
It cooperates and crashes 
Never ‘erring’ 
It is what it needs to be, to keep on
Never trying to do anything outside of its confines 
Continuously streaming past every rock along the path
A persistent and unyielding force
Flowing where it thou mayest 
Keeping together and going apart
Keeping and going

Listen to it

When life becomes a loop 
Gaze into your water near and far 
Listen and learn
Be a river to your people 

Find your flow 
~ just keep going. ~