~ a poem about that superior plane

Streams of the unconquerable, flying high above us
Condensed ‘round easy shifts, lightless but absorbing
Ever-going, cumulus denizens gawk at us, wisps of god’s exhalation
These boons beyond our reach drift to an unspoken tune
Those squawking ancient beasts beckon us just the same
Evolved past extinction, weaving through the mist on instinct alone

We cannot reach on our own
So we build our way to them, with metallics and minutia
We bring our fire to the sky, only to blemish it and choke our future
We do not arrive anywhere in its magic

Of the world, but outside of her sublime glories

We see it but cannot touch it
Unceasingly yet, we are looking up to this superior plane

What are we looking for?
And what are we finding?

Sandcastle dreams in the windy afterscape,
And continuous inhalations of disintegration ~