~ a poem about the cosmos

Starting in the dark 
Changes come with light 
A traveler glowing stark 
Shadows trailing, flowing forthright

Boundless is possibility providence 
Landscapes backdropping this foundation 
Systems and collections, cascading in consonance 
Going and going, living without duration

In timeless twilight, it finds something worth finding 
Oblivious to All, caught in the Throw 
Spirals of matter churn, endlessly winding 
Unmoored inertia, enter status quo

In the light, collectively conceiving, 
Shaping up and growing out, 
Unto time and space, it’s thieving 
In the dark, cultivating hearts to sprout

Individualized, the extant mover overflows 
At last, The Darkstar has been born to die 
Burning in a nova, coiling like a rose 
As to its regard, that is for stargazers to testify