~ a poem about inseparableness

Whatever happens is whatever is deserved.

And yet,
Whatever happens to you is the consequence of forces and generations forever beyond you.

In our perceived separateness, we yearn for reason
Individuality enforces our instincts

And yet,
There is no reason, only perception
There is no I, no ego, no id, no you and me, only All

“All” seems so impossible though
There is no humane conception of this infinite chain of connection
There is no vision we can hold to make this matter make sense to us

And yet,
Interdependence is inherent in all things
In all things, there is great and indestructible causality
Whether we can fathom it or not, the Universe presides over absolute unity

If we are as ancient as the star stuff that erupted from the Big Bang
And we cannot remember it, we cannot carry it with intention,
Then what does it matter?

It matters because such knowledge connects us to the grand tapestry of space-time
And to each other
It matters as much as we matter

And while heaven and hell may not come into being when we go,
They can reside here within our hearts and minds while we make our go

Our souls may not be soluble, visible, provable
And yet,
They are instrumental in what we may create

Whatever happens is whatever we deserve,
And yet,
Whatever we do contributes to such desert

Drop by drop, we wade the ocean, making our minor waves

And so,
The ascension to universality amongst Mankind does not end with the eventual realization of all this inconceivable inseparableness

It begins right now, right when I say so. ~