{Stardust Suplex}

Game Concept

Stardust Suplex / Super Famicom / Varie / 1995
Stardust Suplex is a competitive all-female pro-wrestling game for the Super Famicom. Unlike other all-women wrestling games for the Super Nintendo, such as JWP Joshi Pro Wrestling: Pure Wrestle Queens and Fire Pro Joshi All-Star Dream Slam, Stardust Suplex is not affiliated with a real-world wrestling organization but instead is presented by the “VLPW” or “Varie Ladys [sic] Professional Wrestling” circuit. However, the game’s fictional wrestlers all have loose real-world parallels, similar to those featured in the Fire Pro Wrestling series.

The game features three modes: Battle Royal, which pits four wrestlers against each other; Vs Battle, which is a single one-on-one or tag team match; and Stardust Super Battle which plays more like a tournament. The sixteen wrestlers have their own distinct finishers.

Thesis: {Stardust Suplex}, a reboot of the classic SNES game, is an immerse, now fully 3D, multiplayer pro wrestling sim and roleplay experience, where kayfabe is both law and art. Create your own pro wrestler and enter the world of storylines and title belts, cage matches and royal rumbles. Inspired by the realms of wrestling, {Stardust Suplex} aims to recreate the dynamic experience of drama, violence, despair and triumph contained within such a strange and wondrous world.

Setting: Professional wrestling circuit. Runways and roped rings | Tag team matches | Cages & Backstages | Raging crowds | Special music | Tables, ladders and chairs

Characters & Story: Create your own fighter and choose your own adventure! No longer a female-only league, {Stardust Suplex} lets the players create their own unique champion, including their style, special moves, and – most importantly – personality.


Arcade gameplay ~ {Stardust Suplex} is designed to combine the tactical energy of a fighting game like Street Fighter with the flash and stylistics of professional wrestling and their video game counterparts. The game will feature a modernized 3D isometric view of the ring, with a fine-tuned control over your fighter and their move set at your disposal in PVE {player versus environment/computer} and PVP {player versus player} game modes. However, unlike the modern WWE video games, {Suplex}, much like its spiritual predecessor, is meant to capture the high-flying arcade-y combat style rather than the more realistic licensed games.

Stardust Suplex gameplay vid


1990s wrestling gameplay
2000s wrestling gameplay

Wrestler creation ~ Players can design their own wrestler from the ground up – their physique, costume, and special moves. Wrestlers can range from high strength bruisers to high dexterity acrobats – punchers and jumpers, grapplers and suplexers.

Wrestler character creation examples

Special moves are derived from the most popular from the annals of the pros across the ages. Pick your finisher for your wrestler.

Match types – PVE and PVP ~ Players can go 1v1 against computer and human opponents. Victory is determined by pin and a 3-count from the referee. Special moves are built up by a meter, from damage dealt and received. There are also 2v2 “tag team matches” alongside free-for-all battle royale matches, special TLC {tables, ladders and chairs} matches, and longform single elimination tournaments. All of these modes can be played against computer or human opponents, online or over splitscreen co-op.

Kayfabe – In-depth role-play experience ~ In custom online servers, players can also collaborate in their very own wrestler role-play leagues. Assuming control over a roster of heroes and villains – or in kayfabe terminology, ‘faces’ and ‘heels’ – {Stardust Suplex} players develop their characters both in and out of the matches for titles belts and glory. Kayfabe is the natural role-play and real-time, emergent narrative creation art within professional wrestling circuits since time immemorial. In the {Suplex} role-play league (not unlike the GTA V NoPixel RP server and its highly engaging massive multiplayer RP madness), players can craft their own experience, assuming not only their character in the ring but outside of the ring as well, backstage and in between matches, when players {streamers to their audiences} form alliance or nemesis complexes with other wrestlers. In the end, such role-playing of bombastic personalities offers opportunities for entertaining interactions.


Inspired by ~

Stardust Suplex

WWF / WWE wrestling video games


GTA NoPixel

^ another inspiration, Netflix TV show “Glow” – comedy about a 1980s all-woman wrestling league.

Endgame: {Stardust Suplex}, the recreation of the original’s high art arcade wrestling sim, endeavors to craft a playground for players to wrestle, both as the warrior and the showman. Match after match, build your face ~ or turn to heel ~ and always remember to make your finisher as dramatic as possible.