~ on Godzilla vs. Kong (2021)

Godzilla is Mother Earth’s ultimate champion

Kong is *good* humanity {being of Nature, ally to Earth}

Mechagodzilla is *evil* humanity {our pursuit of technological totality, the capacity to become a dominator of the planet, a tyrant and destroyer}.

It is ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ — Kong being at *home* in the contest — because we think this is our planet now.

~ Man evolves, builds communities, develops technology. Along the way to industrializing and conquering the planet, we discover a remnant of our primordial humanity (King Kong). Eventually, Nature returns, warped by Man’s apocalyptic science (Godzilla), acting against us, to threaten us with extinction, warning us against going further.

Godzilla (Mother Nature) versus Kong (Early Man) is balanced. Inevitably, they must wage their war for the title of Alpha, to parity. But because of humanity’s evolution and our conscious transition from coexistence to domination, Late Man’s tech reaches further, inevitably going too far — and unbalances the conflict. In our continuously confused and ill-fated aspirations, we try to design a godlike power to defeat Godzilla and completely dominate the world. We create Mechagodzilla.

Mechagodzilla (the threat of Man’s global industrial forces x Artificial Intelligence), armed with our technocratic ambitions for control and reckless drive to advance, grows powerful enough to potentially kill Godzilla (the environment) and needs the help of Kong (the soul of mankind) to ultimately defeat it before it can take over / destroy the whole world, inescapably taking us down with it.

~ We need our *old* humanity to prevent us from killing nature. And nature is the key to that triumph, providing us the tools we need to stop our own technology run amok. / {In the finale, Kong uses a self-designed tool with the make and blessing of Godzilla upon it, to kill Mechagodzilla and win the day for humanity.}

~ Giant Lizard fight Giant Monkey; we make Giant Robot to also fight. All of them roar and smack and burn and stab each other. All of these monsters fight, fight, fight. Life is violence and pain; survival means fighting. Every myth is about warriors waging war against other warriors.

~ Godzilla and Kong — both beings of Nature, after all — do not fight to the death. Innately, they understand balance, and the necessity for each of their presences to equalize the other. There’s respect in their conflict, an understanding of the need for another Alpha in the world. Moreover, meta-synthesized through their fight and teaming is an imagined world of two Apexes ~ consciousness and unconsciousness, order and chaos, Man and Nature ~ living in a state of coexistence

~ Saliently, both Godzilla and Kong instinctively understand their common enemy: the technology of Mankind. It, as a process producing its Golem(s), in tandem with Man’s ambitions and his incessant compulsion to place himself outside of – and above – both nature and his past, is the real threat to the planet’s homeostasis.

Just kiss already..

The best part of this transcendent film? When Godzilla rears back with a godlike gulp of breath and then slams down [their] atomic fire for several minutes to drill a hole straight to the center of the Earth, where they {and we} know Kong is currently fucking around, and then – into the freshly burned hole – proceeds to let out a primal, earth-shaking scream of epic proportions. Kong hears it and immediately jumps down {in the reverse gravity of the Earth’s core} the smoking chasm and toward his foe, ready for Round 3.

What could have been communicated in this roar?…

{also, looks like Hollow Earth is REAL and real cool.}