Yet under this Mortal Sun / We cannot hide Ourselves

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Yet under this Mortal Sun / We cannot hide Ourselves

~ a playlist of World Metal, spiritual and psychological landscapes of transformative sound to chew and digest over a lifetime.

Artists: TOOL + ISIS

ISIS – In Fiction {official video}
TOOL – Sober {official video}
Isis – The Beginning and the End
TOOL – Ænema
Isis – Garden of Light – {images from Robot Carnival}
TOOL – Parabola
ISIS – “Pliable Foe” {Official Video}
TOOL – Vicarious
Isis – Threshold of Transformation
TOOL – Fear Inoculum (Audio)

~ Vibe

Flowing jaunts into altered states via sounds and stories — for losing yourself within.

~ Aesthetic ~

Psychospiritual explorations into Man and his many madnesses, within himself, within his world, within his past, present and future

Moods ~

~ images and words from my journal of memes to pair with the playlist:

Prometheus by Jean Delville, 1907
Rest in Power, Kentaro Miura ❤️