{Wolf & Man}

Game Concept

~ Alternative title for the game concept: {Wolf-Ops}

Thesis: {Wolf & Man} is a two-player cooperative action game, taking place on the hi-tech battlefields of the near future, playing with the beautiful, dynamic relationship between Man and his {were}best friend at its core. Man and wolf. Two warriors, one purpose. ~ Meant to evoke the necessary interdependence from the specially designed two-player co-op games of the past: Army of Two, A Way Out, or even Portal 2 – the partnership of the special operator and his lycanthrope companion is co-equal in power, with well-timed cooperation imperative to meeting the challenges of the varied, bombastic campaign missions full of triumph and terror, action and explosions {and the tinges of some geopolitical social and historical commentary}.

Setting: Near future | battlefields in Central and South America, southeast Asia, the Middle East, and The United States | Military bases, jungles, industrial facilities, mountains, secret underground complexes, offshore deep-sea rigs | the shadowy, byzantine flows of friend and foe found within the global military-industrial complex, with the United States as its prime hydra head…

Open-world map and environmental concepts from Metal Gear Solid V
Man and his best friend ~ art source

Characters & Story: {Wolf & Man} features a variety of playable characters to choose from, with disparate national origins that align under a common banner of first-hand experience: that of them and their ancestors being victims of the imperialism, neocolonialism, and undemocratic, violent regime change at the hands of the United States of America throughout the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries… Each duo hails from regions with violent revolutionary pasts, only now partially self-determined due to continuous foreign interventions: Chile, Guatemala, Bolivia, Panama, Nicaragua, Indonesia, Afghanistan, etc. {Wolf & Man}, despite being a high octane and fantastical action game, brings real world politics and history to bear upon the player.

In each playable duo, both the wolf and man are soldiers, special operators birthed from the violence of battlefields, past and present. The spec-ops shooters of the game are revolutionaries tasked with fighting back against the American empire; some of them are defectors from the hegemon themselves, carrying army and CIA secrets back to their own campaign from within the flows of the complex they infiltrated and escaped from. The ‘wolves’ are, in fact, lycanthropes – part man, part beast, {part machine} – and were birthed from within secret American labs; each of the experimental lycans became paired with their human operator companions through a strange series of events that each duo’s campaign will reveal through deft conversation and cutscene storytelling.

The game’s campaign(s) are a journey over the sustained military conflicts still in each wolf and man duo’s home country, and then from there, into the secret military bases and private military contractor complexes of the United States itself. Your objective, against this hegemonic country with its flowing resources and weapons into the vast sea of the world’s current forever-wars, is disruption and destruction. Your revolutionary special operator duo is tasked by your home country {and the many people of this near future world’s global populace} with ending the American military machine’s imperial dominance, ultimately disabling its ability to violently intervene in global geopolitics any longer. You will be facing off against American military air, land and sea power – jets, tanks and ships, in addition to opposing special operators and their own monstrous mecha companions for you to defeat together…

{Wolf & Man}’s story features journeys toward redemption, with shadows wars waged for the sake of peace, to end the sustained pathologies of armed conflict in the 21st century, waged for the sake of neo-conquests, exploitation and greed. You and a friend will be saving the world, one rogue hydra-head at a time… in the end, even arriving at the shores of an especially hopeful future aspiration: global denuclearization.

{Wolf & Man} posits a mythical hypothetical into contemporary reality, before the potential apocalypse that the modern military-industrial complex paths us toward: What if, in the midst of these rising fires, Odin and Fenrir teamed up to *save* the world from itself?

How to be human: the man who was raised by wolves – The Guardian


3rd-person cooperative action — the prime gameplay will be 3rd person action, in modern hyper-realistic graphics, across relatively open world maps – with less precise, arcade-esque shooting mechanics from the humans and also bombastic action experiences, from the high-jumping and bestial melee attacks from the wolves. Principally, the gameplay will be a 2-man cooperative experience, with rich specially-designed co-op mechanics in the form of combos, under a responsive control scheme and potential abilities and maneuvers to use as a pair.

Some examples: player HUDs always reveal their partner’s location, attacks taken together are stronger, timed correctly, players can efficiently kill enemies via stealth, the human operator can ride his lycan companion, or be thrown into fray by them, etc.

Metal Gear Solid V – Diamond Dog and Venom Snake

{Primarily inspired by titles such as Metal Gear Solid V or Just Cause} – The settings will be open-world sandbox maps – with enemies in the form of opponent soldiers, tanks, planes, ships and opposing mechas to equal the lycans in ferocity – with a robust level of choice concerning how the combat and missions are undertaken by your duo. Players are encouraged and rewarded for their distinct approaches within such emergent environments; use stealth or go loud with daring attacks of guns and explosives, attack together, man and wolf charging forward shoulder to shoulder – or attack separately, simultaneously coordinating at different key positions across the battlefield.

{Wolf & Man} hopes to be an entertaining, replayable co-op game for the next generation of graphical and technical gaming machines.

Choosing your pair & Campaign — Each wolf/man duo will have different campaign missions and paths – though similar in enemy types and general objectives – based on where they begin their adventures. Cybil {wolf} & Sofía {Man} come from the mountains of Chile – Dromon & Angeles from the temperate hills of Guatemala – Helewise & Beatriz of the tropical beachfronts of Bolivia – Raedwulf & Jayant from the jungles of Panama – Cronin & Rafael from the tropical ranges of Nicaragua – Raja & Zenesha from the wetlands of Indonesia – Shandana & Volke from the mountainous ranges of Afghanistan.

Cybil {she-wolf} and Sofía {woman}, of Chile
Dromon {he-wolf} Angeles {woman}, of Guatemala
Beatriz {woman} and Helewise {she-wolf}, of Bolivia
Jayant {man} and Raedwulf {he-wolf} of Panama
Cronin {he-wolf} and Rafael {man} of Nicaragua
Raja {man} and of Zenesha {she-wolf}, of Indonesia
Shandana {woman} and Volke {she-wolf}, of Afghanistan

Each of the human operators are ex-PMC mercenaries, rogues, exiles, freedom fighters of one ilk or another, once betrayed, twice left for dead, etc. They are tough S.O.B.’s, talented with their weapons and willing to die to protect their companions. They fight now for themselves, to end the world’s armed conflicts – and so, they end up targeting the hegemonic head of the hydra in the United States.

The lycans are escaped or freed government experiments, imbued with immense mystical power and enhanced senses, they are giant warriors made for the wars of tomorrow. Equipped with aiding armors and technologies to allow them even greater effectiveness on the battlefield – they team up with their human companion for the sake of family, country, or shared ideals. They take to the field alongside their companion willing to protect them and lead them on, to victory against overwhelming odds.

Man vs. Wolf combat — Man combat, from the 3rd-person near perspective from a human frame, is meant to evoke the 3rd-person shooting mechanics of games like Gears of War, Mercenaries, Grand Theft Auto, Saints Row, etc. Exciting and fun, but not as exacting are the more twitch-level first-person shooters such as Call of Duty or Counterstrike. Each character carries a unique pair of weapons into the fight – a main and sidearm – which they can use to attack the map’s enemies from near or afar. ~ rifles, pistols, swords, electrico magnetic gauntlets, etc. Man’s prime method of combat: ranged.

Wolf combat, from the wider and further 3rd-person perspective of the lycanthrope’s loping form over the landscape, is meant to evoke the large mech/monster combat in games like the Transformers: Cybertron series, Evolve, God of War, or The Hulk — each lycan is a fast-moving monster with immense power. Each wolf has a unique ability set, including armor and weapons of their own. ~ speed boosters, machine guns, glider wings, electro-claws, etc. Wolf’s prime method of combat: melee.

High-stakes missions — The missions in {Wolf & Man} will be relatively standard for 3rd person action/shooter games – wide areas of mayhem and violence, with the prime objective being seek & destroy a person, place or thing of some kind. Some missions will feature alternative or bonus objectives – sneak by the enemies, rescue these hostages or free this prisoner, etc. The prime draw of the mission design is in their variability – open-world environments mean decision-making, and emergent consequences from actions within that environment, from out of its A.I. enemies.

In total, the campaign with be around 8-10 missions – 15-20 hours long. With each of the seven playable character duos featuring different map environments, special enemies and unique objectives, despite the same general storyline playing out over these missions.

Think MGSV’s mission & open-world environs

Enemy warriors: Mecha & Man — Enemy patrols will feature varying challenge – from foot soldiers to special operators to advanced mecha units. The bosses in the game, at the end of each mission – will be opposing duos, a pair of a warrior and his mecha companion, each with unique abilities and levels of firepower. To offset the man-beast semi-natural hybrids of the lycans – the American empire and its private corporatocratic enclave of military production fights back with their machine-men, their technological superiorities in the forms of mass drone x mecha warfare.

Mechas – unmanned, hyper-powered, highly sophisticated war machines – are the principal result of generations of American resource flow into war in place of peace. They are the prime innovation of the global military-industrial complex’s research & development over the wars. And thus, in your revolutionary endeavor as wolf and man, it is your divine task to defeat these mechas.

Enemy design examples ~

Special duo abilities — Some of the special maneuvers every Wolf & Man duo can utilize within the game:

  • Fastball special: Wolf throws Man – {see diagram} ~ some wolves can throw harder than others
  • Halo drop: at mission start, Man on the ground designates a landing zone for Wolf as a missile from the sky ~ Shandana and Volke can use their electrical powers to teleport one another into the conflict
  • Rider: Man rides Wolf into battle ~ some wolves have weapon enhancements to be wielded by their riders – some human operators can attack more effectively from wolf-back
  • Two-man takedown: simultaneous kill of two enemies nearby, Wolf from stealth and Man from range – level of success depends on timing.
  • Bunker Bust: Wolf tramples into fortified position and exposes enemies for Man to shoot from range
  • ~ players develop their own…
the “Fastball Special”

Unlockable characters

Little Red Riding Hood & The Big Bad Wolf
Hela and Fenrir
San and Moro

Inspired by ~

Army of Two


Mercenaries / Just Cause


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain


Endgame: {Wolf & Man} is designed first and foremost as a powerful two man cooperative action experience in a diverse open world. Man and beast join together in revolutionary violence against empire and oppression; in order for peace to move forward, your battles must be fought together.

Wolf and Man.