Name Every Day

Name Every Day”

~ The practice, through journaling or meditation, of NAMING every day you live.

The question becomes — Do you name every day at the end? Or do you try to name some at their start?

By naming your day at its end, you resolve its events into encapsulation, with a title bestowed based on what already happened.

Whereas by naming your day at its start, instead of providing a summation, you set an intention for that day.

Could be specific (“A Swim in Playa Negra”)

Or general (“A Day of Creation”)

Either way, by calling your day its name before it has truly begun means you create a mission for yourself, with a full visualization of what you want that day to look like.

We name our children at birth, don’t we?

Maybe every other day, you alternate the style of name. Some days you summarize, others you predestine.

Then, see which days — which Names — you like better. See which days carry you closer to your dreams.

(I reckon many days may be ‘misnamed’ by their end… But that’s another twist, isn’t it? Why can’t you fulfill your days’ destinies? Find out.) ~