Clouds Over Texas

~ a poem

I am certain the clouds over Texas convey something

Maybe the immensity of the land’s presentation and her potential. 
Maybe the air is just weird
Maybe wind doesn’t know which way to blow here 
Maybe it blows *every* way

Every “maybe” is bigger in Texas, too 
And everything comes in layered 

Between freedom and authority, 
Between libertarianism and populism, 
The people are mixed

Landowners stake for every freedom save for those from their authority, which is inviolate 
Workers secure homes and vacations
The land provides and economizes

Property powers paramount prides 
Generation after generation

The barons pump
The industry churns 
Land, oil, energy, capitalization

Everyone seen wins and everyone unseen loses 
The owners hoard and hassle ranches and spouts
The workers sleep on their wages
And the land and sea a world away begins to burn and blast

The clouds over Texas abide it all
The clouds over Texas float through this history

The clouds over Texas bend and fold and sprawl across the heavy blue backdrop like a landscape painter’s wildest dreams

Because we can see them, 
Because of this special sun, 
The clouds explode with pride

In Texas, puffy white chests of slow yet purposeful movement shape the sky and everything underneath it
Their wisps and tendrils and gripping fingers begin to choke the spirits up there

The clouds over Texas highlight the sea in the sky, the coasts and their changing lines, far from Manifest Destiny and closer now to complete collapse

Maybe they mean to match the world’s worth of this long and flat place of promised surplus and emptying promises

Maybe they concept the Texas tao

Maybe the epic forms signal the land’s significance in the coming age

Maybe the clouds are just cool.