One Belief

One Belief

One belief I have, irrational as it may be, is that cats can see ghosts.

Clear as day. They wander through our lands and homes and cats can see them while we cannot. Maybe not all the time, maybe not clear as we see each other. But they can detect when ghosts emerge within their immediate perceptual range. With widening eyes, they can clock them doing their wandering haunts.

In this way, cats must be mystic beings. That’s likely not new information to owners.

Less than the nature of such True Sight into realms and dimensions beyond this material one, it is my belief in cats and their capacity to do such a thing that should fall under harsh scrutiny. This kind of belief is not normal for me. I’m hardly superstitious. And it’s not facetious. This isn’t something I would necessarily bring up at a cocktail party. Or even with other cat owners. I would not even consider myself a cat owner, more like the other way around…

But I must scrutinize this belief. I must consider this one belief on a different level right now in my life. I must do so. I must try to determine the truth of it.

Because I am beginning to become worried about how much time my cat spends staring at the darkness under my bed. ~

Jean-Jacques Bachelier, White Angora Cat, 1761

(Side note: Would the cat defend me against the ghost?)