You Are On A Spiritual Journey

~ a poetic musing

~ You are on a spiritual journey.

Just like me.
Even if it doesn’t feel like it.
Even if it seems like you are just waiting.
For something to happen. Anything.
Any old thing to break the monotony. To resubmit the Truth that this is Real.
But something is already happening. Your wait will be long or short.
It may already be over, and you are in the next phase, zone, leg.
That’s what makes it a journey. You never know what is around…
…the next corner.
You don’t really know if you can handle it.
Or if you will.
The future holds no promise.
We’re all mortal, after all. Imperfect, maybe insane too.
The madness could even help. It can at least be shared in solidarity.
Madness is often crucial. For evolution. For transformation.
This is the question, is it not?

“Is transformation p o s s i b l e ?”

For me. For you. For any of us.
Can we assimilate these new stimuli? Can we survive this zone?
Will we synthesize the thesis and antithesis?
What may we create?
Will we kill the Ego? How??
And when this fated transformation is complete, who are we reborn as?

You are on a spiritual journey. Even if you don’t know it.
Because we are spiritual beings; because we must make meaning from our maps.
You are on a spiritual journey. To know you, and me.
And every step is part of the story. Why else are we so addicted to knowing?
To experiencing, to seeing, to waiting, to talking, fucking?
Every story, every movie, every draw of the card, every song, every dance –
They all reinforce this singular truth: We are on a spiritual journey.
Every one of us.

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel / There’s a light inside of me.
It is the light of creation.
Every threshold, every phase — a transformation.
A new creation. A new leg of the journey. A new chase.

To know a Man, know his journey:
What’s He creating?
Who does He chase?
Into whom will He transform? ~