Body a temple; Mind a palace

~ As I get older I become increasingly wary of the things I let into my body. And my mind.

It’s relatively simple: I no longer want to let anything bad inside of me.

May be a bit childish, but it’s true.

Food and drink that makes me feel bad. Or portions that do so. Media that is nonsense. Conversations that aren’t worth having. Ideas that do not provide me with anything worth knowing; personas that harm my psyche. Why let them in, from others or from myself?

(I probably sound like a bit of a jackass. But hey, we only have so much Time.)

This fresh phenomena lies partly in the fact that I am so much more aware of my body and mind — and how they feel in response to my own actions. It’s age and wisdom dawning within me.

I believe every person of a certain age develops an intuition about what is *good* for them. That inner insight is indomitable, and continuously operating.

What’s the saying? My body is a temple.

And king detective Sherlock Holmes uses a “mind palace” to store information in an inner audiovisual realm for easy retrieval.

In each case, the body and mind are meant to be treated as truly sacred.

I try to call in the same energy in my life. To live any other way is to invite pain. Unnecessary pain.

(In my view, there’s nothing worse than unnecessary pain.)

Every dreamer lives for spells within their mind palace(s); every person that exercises understands the great pleasures and pains that your body can deliver to you, as long as you take care of her.

Dialectic: But yo! — you cannot always know in advance what may be a waste of time, or a cherished usage of it. This type of limiting view, on body or mind, may close off worthy opportunities or new and exciting experiences initially perceived as “bad” for you.

Try that strange-sounding dish that ends up being delicious. Listen to that kook who may actually know something you don’t. This philosophy does not mean avoid chances or risks or a good time — just be reasonable about it.

Get your reps in and build your own ethos, expanding with concision as you go.

Of course, I don’t even hold to my own ideals all the time. I eat junk, I consume stupidity. All the time, in fact. But the idea is there, the perspective is there, the striving is there.

A meditative mantra is borne:

Treat your body like a temple.

And remember your mind is a palace full of memories, expressions, loves, lyrics and faces, voices and dreams, personas and passions.

Take care what you let in. ~