Liquid Self

~ a poem


I must remember water is my element.

Dylan, “Son of the Wave.”

A waterbender,

A liquid wanderer, 

A shapeshifting half-conjurer. 

Water is all around us and within every one of us. 

From cradle to grave, water sustains us.

We carry the same water as our ancestors, dinosaurs, aliens. 

The jester’s joke lands and rain falls from the eyes. 

Every magician wields water. 

Every explorer seeks oceans. 

The leviathan emerges from the depths of large volumes. 

I’ve come to know this: 

Like water, I take the shape of my surroundings. 

Beauty in, beauty out. 

Like water, I flow and redirect energy

I may be a wave, but I will crash! 

Ultimately, everything channels through my perspective: 


Continuously, effortfully, inescapably. 

Cycling from air to land to me,

Every ambiguity is abided on the sea: 

My liquid self flows and crashes. 

My liquid self absorbs and instills. 

My liquid self resolves and evolves. 

Water is my way,

The blood of God. ~