Dual Disposition Dispels Dissatisfaction

~ a poem

Start with a breath
End with a start
Return to death
Quicken the heart
Feel the beating
Awaken sunlit
Forget the breathing
And then recall it

Summon duality
Move beyond if
Engender the mentality
To create a riff

Upon new disposition
Heartfelt growth pulls
Up and up to fruition
Your renewed soul mulls

Dark exodus dispelled
Moonlit surfaces dwell
Lightening loads be felled
Listen for your knell

Hold for dissatisfaction
Resume a steady cadence
Stave off coming chain reaction
Do not fall to complacence

Hear the truth here,
A dual disposition dispels dissatisfaction.

See the dark, feel the light.
Touch the heart, steel the soul.
Smile upon tragedy, cry at the comedy.
Know the nefarious, follow the righteous
Never stop, always starting.

In times good and in times bad, meld your opposites to the ends of simplifying the complexities unto proper perspective.

There is no end, only more.
More life, more choice.
Take your time. ~