Carpe Diem

{the phraseology quadrilogy — Vol. III: Carpe Diem}

See Vol I: Memento mori // Vol II: Amor fati

Carpe diem ~ “seize the day.”

What does it mean to seize one’s day?

Does it mean to speed up or slow down? To halt and meditate upon your life, or to sprint forward and empower your next action? To do more or to do less?

Is it meant as a mantra to summon when faced with a trying moment, or when an unconsciously reluctant sense of hesitation enters our frame? “Seize the day!” seems to source as a battle cry from out of one’s gut, spoken with heartfelt, enterprising vivacity.

Perhaps, more aptly, it means to seize your passion. Your ‘day’ is an exemplar of the best way you might use your time. To seize it, you must know your life, in and out, and be able to envision your passion manifesting somehow, some way within the next 24 hours. To seize your day, you stop only in consideration — in reconciliation — unto your purpose, and your passion.

Does every seized day look the same? Some may be seized in a manic sprawl of varying activities, none of them fully consummated. Others are seized with a laser-like focus upon a single objective, painstakingly forged into completion, victory. And many more go un-seized, either just slightly, or missing the mark entirely. To become a habitual seizer, one must not dwell upon these days. For the next day is coming, and it must be seized. No one else can seize it. Only you. Only you define what it is ‘to seize.’

So go on, seize the day, in whatever form and fashion that looks like for you. And go on marking a tally of all your days under the regime of carpe diem, looking back every so often upon these consistent conquests with a purposeful and passionate smile of a good and honest day’s work. ~