{Breach & Clear}

Game Concept

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Image result for rainbow six original gameplay

{Breach & Clear} is a first-person shooter and tactical action game wherein a group of 2-6 special operators stack up onto doorways with impending dangers beyond them. You are tasked with dealing with such dangers, by gun or gadget. Through every threshold is a different threat, a set of enemies waiting to be dispatched in a synthesis of tactics and twitches. And just like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re gonna get: terrorists, demons, dinosaurs, ducks, horses … anything and everything.

A labyrinth of wood, steel and concrete, an infinitude of doorways awaiting a breach. There are no windows. Every room is uniquely designed, differing in size and stories. Some doorways lead to office spaces with hostages, some doorways leads to jungles. You never know…

Character & Story:
In a strange kind of examination, or a cruel joke from some kind of rogue god, a team of special operators tasked with tactical interventions in high stakes scenarios is suddenly trapped inside of a labyrinth. This labyrinth is full of doors not unfamiliar to the squad. They cannot see inside of these rooms. They are fully equipped with their gear, capable of conducting their tactical interventions into these realms unknown. And so, they proceed to breach and to clear these doors. One after another, one after another…

Cooperative breaching – Every instance of the game entails of squad of special operators stacking up on doorways within an apparently abandoned building, with an unknown danger beyond the doorway.

First-person gunplay – Not unlike the careful twitch-shooting gameplay in games like Counter-Strike or the Rainbow Six series. Player characters can take cover and lean around walls to make their shots. It doesn’t take many shots (or attacks) for an operator to go down, so patient, tactical play comes as a necessity once the door has been cleared. At the same time, as long as your team is accurate and efficient with your shots, you can work fast to clear the rooms before they can effectively counterattack against your onslaught.

Operator roles – Each operator engages their own special role for coming combat – gunner (assault weaponry), grenadier (explosives), marksman (sniper), gadgeteer (gadgets & utility), medic (healing), riot (shield & defense), melee (sword & hammer). You are your group can tackle the breaches as a duo, or with up to six within a squad.

Arcade style instances with customization – Simplistic, from the jump the game entails the squad stacked up on the door way. From there, the players can cycle through a menu of options to outfit their operator with, including: armor, weaponry, gadgets, cosmetic clothing, catchphrases, etc.

Chaotic thresholds – Each doorway leads to a random environment full of randomly equipped threats – man, beast, or other. Examples: Terrorist gunmen; dinosaurs stampeding in the jungle; horde of zombies in a graveyard; vampire castle; demon swordsmen fighting The Hellwars.

Persistent looting – The players work through the persistent world of the labyrinth of doors to the strange lands of the multiverse. After each breach’s threats have been dispatched, the squad can take whatever they may find useful from the area. This loot can be simply weaponry, such as guns or other blunt objects, or it can be materials to be used to build gadgets (bombs, camouflage) or amplify current weapons (dinosaur teeth bayonets, silver bullets).

Inspired By ~

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six series

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A repetitive, rogue-like adventure of continuous breach & clears, wherein the squad of tactical specialists go through doorway after doorway, for as long as they can. A test of endurance and ingenuity, the players will have to learn to conserve their resources and salvage what they can from each room in order to last as long as possible. Time to stack up!