~ a short story 

A prompted micro-fiction. 

The prompt: 

“Imagine you live in a world filled with superpowers. Everyone has a really cool superpower, like invisibility or super speed. You, however, have this one superpower that’s a little less… Exciting.” 

The story: 

In a world where they became ubiquitous, nobody ever thinks about how superpowers can become nightmares.

Some of us got speed or strength, the classics. Others got super-minds, or wings. Or eyes that could see anywhere.

But me, well, I got my imagination for Real. Anything I could think of was possible. I manifested new beings and new worlds before me. And anything I would think of was possible, too… My Self as God? As Devil? Yeah.

By the time my angels and demons were put down by the other supers, hero and villain finally banding together, I was already spawning never-before-seen realities, as invincible as any idea, set to create and destroy the world without end. They never stood a chance.

And now I am alone.

My superpower turned out to be the absolute ability to destroy superpowers.

In a fantastical world of infinite possibility, I have created for myself a smaller, tamer and more tedious realm shorn of all its wonder, of all its former divinity… I have only my own images and words manifested into cities and cultures, some winged, some toothy, many smart and many stupid, all these monkeys and machines that evolve to the tune of instincts I don’t remember giving them… to keep me company.

Second-rate copies of the old reality I knew. Ersatz imaginings of my old peers that I murdered with my thoughts without thought. 

Alas. My Earth is doomed. 

(Maybe I can make a new one?) ~