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Finding Everyday Inspiration, Day 20 — Wrap It Up

Where to go from here?

This is the end of the Everyday Inspiration Challenge. 20 days. 20 inspiries. This is the final one. Embarked on a whim, I did find incredible value in this endeavor. It’s a concept I might engage with again at some point.

So from here, what is my plan? For this blog and my writing, I think it’s just the beginning. I will continue writing fiction, non-fiction, poetry, essays. It will be a place for my musings and perspectives on art which catches my eye as well as on the philosophical conditions I find myself contemplating. All of it will be within these pages — an organized locus on matters of my self-expression. I’ll keep returning here, in an anxious renewal, galvanized by the stress of sincere imagining.

For me, I hope to find something here upon this digital canvas, something I might not find elsewhere. Creativity, passion, peace. I wish to tell stories. I seek to convey the ideals I believe in: justice, morality, Truth, Love. I am but one perspective in an ocean of content, attitudes, contexts, and angles — but it is here that I necessitate an articulation of my own self, for whatever that may be worth. In whichever form it will take, changing over time, perhaps in composition and essence — it will exist here as an archive for my transience, where I might stow away past selves. This is somehow important to me.

In the artistry of mindful creative work, I aspire to learn of myself, of the world and my place in it. This is my mission with this blog.

This is where I go from here. ~

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